EB Photography

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EB Photography
PROJECT length
12 weeks

Enhancing the EB Photography Experience

How do you go about creating a website for a client with limited branding, a sense of urgency? This was my main thought throughout this project. In my opinion, this project is more straightforward than the others, focusing solely on web design that needed to strike a balance between a dark aesthetic and minimal elegance.

Given the client's budget, requirements, and tight timeline, I employed tools like Squarespace, Figma, and ChatGPT for the website’s tone of voice and body copy. These tools enabled me to fashion a user-friendly website that not only streamlined client inquiries but also allowed the photographer to concentrate on their photography endeavors. This project served as an exercise in simplicity and a user-centric approach to web design while ensuring an elevated experience for both clients and the photographer.

About the project

01 • The Problem

EB Photography, a Houston-based photographer specializing in quinceañeras and special events, needed a better way to handle repetitive client inquiries. They were looking to effectively showcase their work, services, and minimal brand style. However, they didn't have a clear brand identity or style guide, and the client was hesitant to explore new branding ideas.

"How might we design a website for EB Photography that integrates with their (lack of) brand, elevates their photography work, and streamlines client inquiries while maintaining a cohesive visual identity, even without a formal style guide?"

02 • The Goal

My objective was straightforward—to develop a website that not only streamlined the photographer's workflow but also allowed them to focus on their creative endeavors. Additionally, I needed to ensure that the design aligned seamlessly with the photographer's minimalistic brand. Yes, I was just creating a website, but I was also hoping to enhance the overall experience for both the photographer and their clients.

03 • The Solution

I created a minimal and stripped-down website for EB Photography that efficiently showcased her work, her social proof, shared information about her, her services, and gave leads a way to easily get in touch with my client.


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