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PROJECT length
3 weeks
Webflow Development

Responsive Website for a High-End Chef

As the only developer, I created an 11-page website on Webflow with CMS collections in three weeks. The challenge was making non-responsive Figma designs work on all devices. I added a blog CMS and a multi-reference CMS collection while sticking to the original design. Using Webflow, I made the site responsive and smoothly integrated CMS features.

About the project

01 • The Problem

My assignment was to build a Webflow website based on Figma designs provided by a designer. However, a critical aspect was missing – the Figma designs lacked responsive considerations. The responsibility of implementing responsive design across various breakpoints rested solely on my shoulders.

02 • The Goal

My objective was straightforward: successfully build the website while incorporating a blog CMS and a multi-reference CMS collection. Equally important was the need to stay true to the original design in Webflow, ensuring a consistent look and feel online.

03 • The Solution

To meet this challenge, I methodically introduced responsive design elements at each breakpoint using Webflow's functionalities. Simultaneously, I integrated a blog CMS and a multi-reference CMS collection to enhance the website's functionality, as intended through the existing designs.

The key was not just achieving functionality but also ensuring that the design seamlessly translated to Webflow. Every detail, from typography to spacing, was recreated to maintain the visual coherence of the original design.

In the end, the website served as a functional and visually consistent representation of the initial Figma designs, meeting both the client's expectations and the technical requirements of responsive web design.


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