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The Love Witch
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Visual Identity

Brand Identity and Website for The Love Witch

Inspired by my passion for design and the mystique of witchcraft and the esoteric, I took the liberty of creating a fictional client/project—a creative endeavor influenced by the film "The Love Witch." This project was born out of my burning question(s) while watching "The Love Witch" for the fifth time: "What would Elaine's brand look like if she had one? How would Elaine, The Love Witch, manifest online?" It was an exciting fusion of branding, visual identity work, typography, and web design.

To craft this project, I utilized tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Squarespace, and ChatGPT for body copy. While I encountered some challenges with Squarespace's limitations, I am already contemplating rebuilding this web design using Webflow when time permits. Currently, the website only features a "light" version, but I am eager to explore the possibility of adding a dark version/mode.

Creating this project was as enjoyable as imagining what it could look like. I hope it resonates with people in the right way and perhaps even inspires them to consider incorporating some of these practices into their own lives. (Joking! Maybe...)

About the project

01 • The Problem

I was passionate about both design and the mystical world of witchcraft. Inspired by the film "The Love Witch," I took on a creative project to create a brand identity and website for the character Elaine, The Love Witch. The challenge was to combine storytelling, fonts, and a digital presence to capture the character's essence.

02 • The Goal

My aim was to build a digital presence for Elaine, The Love Witch, with a strong brand identity inspired by the film's themes. I chose colors like vivid red to represent passionate love and off-white to add an enchanting touch. The fonts I picked were meant to give a mysterious feel, similar to ancient books. The brand had to reflect Elaine's passionate and wise character.

03 • The Solution

To make this happen, I designed a brand identity using bold red and off-white colors, capturing the emotions and mysteries of the film. Typefaces Ivymode and Athelas were chosen for their ability to evoke mystery, with Ivymode reflecting sharpness akin to an athame and Athelas nodding to witchcraft's historical roots.

The logo suite included different versions to show Elaine's complexity. The website, made for film fans and those interested in witchcraft, focused on storytelling and easy navigation. The website's text matched Elaine's dreamy voice. This project blended design and passion into a really fun project and has sparked my interest in pursuing more work and projects like this.


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