Wendolyne Barrios

Howdy, I am a product designer based in Houston, Texas.

  • My design philosophy revolves around prioritizing user needs, simplicity, and visual clarity.
  • Over time, I've found that my personal design style includes minimal and eco-friendly aesthetics, with dark color palettes and clean typography.
  • By collaborating with clients, I have been able to improve my design expertise and problem-solving abilities. I enjoy turning ideas into tangible designs that people can interact with.

More about me

  • I'm a Virgo. This means I love organizing and planning.
  • I've been a musician for 17 years and have my own band called Tincture.
  • I am also a self-taught herbalist. I love creating herbal medicine and remedies for families and friends. I even had my own herbal pop-up business before becoming a designer in 2021.
  • I like to take photos of bands, self-portraits, and more.

Hire Me!

Available for any web, brand, product, or graphic design projects. Reach out, say hello, and let's talk about what you need and how I can help you get there. Reach out!

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