Castillo Power Washing

Visual Identity, Graphic
Jonah Castillo
PROJECT length
2 days
Visual Identity

Drops of Trust: Establishing Credibility through Visual Branding for Castillo Power Washing

In the competitive landscape of entrepreneurship, establishing a distinct visual identity is paramount for success. Recognizing the significance of this, I was tasked with the challenge of providing Castillo Power Washing with a compelling visual brand identity.

About the project

01 • The Problem

Castillo Power Washing faced a significant problem - they lacked a compelling visual identity. As a result, the company found it challenging to establish credibility and differentiate itself in the market.

02 • The Goal

My goal was clear: to provide Castillo Power Washing with a visual identity that not only conveyed professionalism but also positioned them as a serious player in their industry. The objective was to create a foundation for building a loyal clientele and fostering a reputable brand image.

03 • The Solution

To meet the challenge of establishing Castillo Power Washing's visual identity, I used color psychology and incorporated sentiments of family love into the design process. I created a trio of water droplets as a poignant symbol, reflecting the founder's dedication and familial bonds. The downward positioning of the top droplet symbolized protective guidance, mirroring the role of family in life and business. This process resulted in a visually compelling identity, radiating professionalism, authenticity, and trustworthiness. The familial symbol became the cornerstone, positioning Castillo Power Washing for success by building credibility and fostering a loyal clientele.



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Absolutely incredible work! I cannot recommend them enough! They did a logo for my business and it’s the best it’s ever looked. Thank you so much Wendolyne!!

Jonah Castillo

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