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Abigail Dominguez
PROJECT length
2 weeks
Visual Identity
Web Design

Branding for a Hair Stylist

Abigail Dominguez is a local cosmetologist who specializes in creating bold and edgy haircuts and vivid hairstyles. However, since most hair salons in Houston offer more conventional hair styles and colors, she wants to fill the gap by offering riskier styles that others might shy away from.

About the project

01 • The Problem

As a new player in the hair and cosmetology industry in Houston, Abigail needs a name for her business and a brand identity that reflects her unique style and resonates with her target audience.

02 • The Goal

The goal was to develop a cohesive and recognizable visual identity for Abigail, ensuring a consistent and appealing presence across all client interactions., making sure to convey her alternative approach, catering to a diverse and unconventional clientele.

03 • The Solution

The brand name "Conjure" represents the ability to experiment with new looks, to "conjure" something up with your new favorite hair stylist. The brand's black-and-white color scheme helps their work stand out, while a responsive logo suite featuring a bold blackletter font differentiates them from competitors. Conjure's branding is designed to let their personality and creativity shine through their portfolio work, maintaining a dark and edgy vibe.



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"Wendolyne perfectly captured the vibe of my brand. She was very helpful in explaining unfamiliar terms to me and informed me of the necessary steps. I didn't have to worry about anything as she made sure to be super communicative throughout the project."

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