Somos Houston Fest

Graphic, Visual Identity
Rolis Medina
PROJECT length
1 week
Visual Identity

Creating a visual identity and promotional poster

Somos Houston Fest is a small festival in Houston, Texas featuring performances from established and emerging Latin bands from the Houston community. They're in need of a flyer to promote their event in various formats.

About the project

01 • The Problem

Somos Houston Fest is looking to showcase latin pop and rock bands in Houston, Texas to celebrate the diversity that exists within Houston's music scene. They have a range of bands performing and a lack of visual identity to guide the design decisions.

How might we design a promotional flyer that effectively represents the diverse range of music genres and the unique personalities of festival participants, while ensuring the visual identity aligns with the event's essence and captivates the attention of our target audience in Houston, be it pedestrians or drivers?

02 • The Goal

The goal is to create a flyer that is recognizable, catches they eye from afar, and has a dark theme to it. Most importantly, I wanted to make sure that the hierarchy was clear since there would be plenty of information to read.

03 • The Solution

I created a visually appealing and professional-looking flyers that effectively communicated the event and it's information. I prioritized close collaborated and strong communication with the client to understand their specific needs and goals for the flyer. Through thorough iteration, I provided multiple design options for the client to choose from. I delivered the final design in a timely manner and provided the final design in various file formats to suit the client's needs.



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"Wendolyne was extremely professional in the entire process. She was very attentive in making sure the design I had in mind came to life. She helped me in special formats and even helped me with additional designs and edits. I will definitely return to her for future projects."

Rolis M.

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