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Houston Design Collective
PROJECT length
3 weeks

Creating an Casual Platform for Houston Designers

In August of 2022, I finished a program for product design and discovered my strong desire to connect with others in my field, without any professional constraints on my personality. I searched for a place where designers based in Houston could come together and work, but to no avail. That's when I decided to create the Houston Design Collective - an online community that would connect Houston-based designers authentically and collaboratively, without the pressure to be too formal or professional.

About the project

01 • The Problem

I wanted to develop the branding and visual identity of The Houston Design Collective. I carefully considered the project's purpose, target audience, and the type of atmosphere it aimed to create. This would be a brand that would reflect the diverse community of Houston designers.

02 • The Goal

To develop the branding and visual identity for The Houston Design Collective. I considered the project's purpose, target audience, and atmosphere. I also thought about what kind of brand would represent the diverse group of designers in Houston accurately.

03 • The Solution

I developed a brand and visual identity that could be consistently used across different touchpoints. This involved creating a suite of logos, choosing a color palette that accurately reflected the brand, and designing a sample graphic that showcased the typography, color selection, and overall identity as if it were a real product. Currently, I am working on building a user-friendly website that will provide more comprehensive support for the project and brand.


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