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Houston Design Collective
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3 weeks

Creating an Inclusive Platform for Houston Designers

After completing a product design boot camp, I found myself feeling the need to present a more "professional" version of myself, when all I wanted was to be authentic. I searched for a place where designers in Houston could come together, hang out, enjoy some tea, savor a breakfast taco at 1 pm (that's Houston life), work on design projects, stay updated on design news and culture, and truly get to know each other. To my surprise, I couldn't find such a place.

I began contemplating the creation of this collective as a project and set a clear objective for myself: "How might we connect designers in Houston in an authentic way, free from overdone professionalism?" I knew this initiative would require branding, a website, a visual identity, and a presentation deck. That's where my work began. Squarespace and Figma were my primary tools throughout this journey, enabling me to breathe life into this idea.

About the project

01 • The Problem

As a designer, I noticed a void in Houston's design community. There was a lack of a welcoming space where designers could genuinely connect without feeling the need to compromise their unique identities without the professionalism. This posed a challenge that demanded attention.

How might we connect designers in Houston in an authentic way, free from overdone professionalism?

02 • The Goal

My goal was clear—to design an online platform where Houston designers could be themselves without hesitation. I envisioned a space that resonated with the diverse and vibrant community of designers in the city. It wasn't just about creating a website; it was about crafting an environment where designers could come together, support one another, and celebrate their differences.

03 • The Solution

The result was a user-friendly website that reflected the spirit of Houston's design community. In choosing the colors and fonts, I aimed to convey a sense of inclusivity and creativity that defined our group. The outcome was an inviting and intuitive platform where designers could connect, share ideas, and offer mutual support. This project underscored the power of design in fostering authentic connections and reinforcing the importance of creating spaces that embrace diversity.


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